List of All American Girls Professional Baseball League Catchers

Source: The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League Record Book
by W.C. Madden, member of SABR

Complete AAGPBL Catcher Index (1943-1954)
Baker, Mary "Bonnie" to Youngen, Lois
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Baker, Bonnie
Ballingall, Chris
Barney, Edith
Baumgartner, Mary
Beare, Kathryn
Berger, Barbara
Borg, Lorraine
Boyce, Ethel
Briggs, Rita
Colacito, Lucille
Cramer, Peggy
Daetweiler, Louella
Donahue, Terry
Frank, Edna
George, Genevieve
Gilchrist, Jeanne
Grambo, Thelma
Green, Dorothy
Gutz, Julie
Harnett, Ann
Heafner, Ruby
Heim, Kay
Hickson, Irene
Hill, Joyce
Horstman, Katie
Hutchison, Anna
Jamieson, Janet
Jenkins, Marilyn
Jones, Marilyn
Kellog, Vivian
Kemmerer, Beatrice
Keppel, Evelyn
Kerrar, Adeline
Kerwin, Irene
Knezovich, Ruby
Lessing, Ruth
Lovell, Jean
Lyman, Esther
MacLean, Lucella
Maguire, Dorothy
Mattson, Jacqueline
Metrolis, Norma
Miller, Ruth
Moffett, Jane
Morrison, Esther
Murray, Margaret
Naum, Dorothy
Nelson, Helen
O'Dowd, Anna
Paire, Pepper
Peterson, Betty
Redman, Magdalen
Rehrer, Rita
Richard, Ruth
Rohrer, Kay
Romatowski, Jenny
Rountree, Mary
Sands, Sarah
Sawyer, Helen
Schachter, Blanche
Schmidt, Marilyn
Smith, Hazel
Stevenson, Emily
Stocker, Jeanette
Stovroff, Shirley
Sutherland, Shirley
Taylor, Eunice
Teillet, Yolande
Thomas, Mava
Villa, Margaret
Vonderau, Katheryn
Weeks, Rossey
Westerman, Helen
Whalen, Dorothy
Whiting, Betty
Wohlwender, Marion
Youngen, Lois

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